Fleet and Facilities

Fleet and Facilities


TAE Aviation Academy offers an ideal educational environment to our trainees. 300m2 area hosts 3 large fully equipped classrooms with pc’s, projectors , classroom interactive response systems , modern briefing and planning rooms and wifi internet access.

TAE Aviation Academy’s accommodation solutions, are tailored to our trainees needs and budget, meet the highest requirements of hospitality and timesaving since they are located close to our facilities and to Megara Airport .Transportation to and from our academy is also provided.


TAE Aviation Academy uses types of aircrafts that have trained thousands of pilots.

Diamond DA40 & DA42, Cessna C172 with turbo JetA1 engines, are the aircrafts for the primary and advanced training. Each aircraft is properly equipped and outfitted with Auto Pilot, dual navigation/communication receivers, ADF, DME, VOR and ILS, thus providing the adequate capabilities to conclude even the most demanding training program.

TAE Aviation Academy’s ongoing effort is to provide the safest possible learning environment with close monitoring to all aspects related with the flights and the maintenance of the aircraft.
This approach allows us to ensure that all of our aircraft are strictly maintained in accordance with all regulations and to the highest airworthiness standards.


The brand new A320 Flight Simulator Device is used for the A320 JOC Training and is located within TAE's premises. Keeping always Safety & Professionalism as our top priorities, TAE team ensures that students have access to all training means to reach the highest standards.

The Alsim ALX and the Elite S923 FNPT II flight simulators are used for instrument training in ATPL, IR, IRI,CRI and MCC courses as convertible training device including both single and twin engine aircraft layout, enabling versatile initial and recurrent training for all courses.

For all Type Rated related courses, TAE cooperates with several Training Organizations and Airline Companies,using their Full Flight Simulators as well as actual airplane (A320,B737,ATR). Some of our Training partners are :Sofia Training Center, Air France Training Center, CAE, Baltic Aviation Academy , ATCT, Czech Aviation Training Center, Swiss Training Center, Farnair Training and more.