The aim of this course:

The aim of the PPL(H) course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to act as Pilot in Command under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) in non-commercial operations. The PPL(H) course is completed within 3 months.

Theoretical & Flight Training:
The PPL(H) theoretical knowledge course comprises of 9 subjects and includes 100 hrs ground school in classroom . The duration of Ground School is 13 days including the progress tests, sample exams and can commence at any time during the year.

The 9 Subjects of the PPL(H) theoretical course are:

•Air law

• Human performance


• Communications

• Principles of flight

• Operational procedures

• Flight performance and planning

• Aircraft general knowledge

• Navigation

The Flight Training course comprises of a minimum of 45 hrs (35 hrs are dual and 10 hrs minimum solo as Pilot In Command) on SEP helicopters such as R44 and includes the below:

• Pilot uniform & equipment (bag,flight computer, Nav.plotter, knee board, maps/charts

• Theoretical & Flight training.

• Training syllabus, Manuals, Check lists.

• Theoretical exams and license issuance fees.(1st attempt)

• ICAO English Proficiency Test (ELP).(1st attempt)

• All landing and taxes fees of Training airports.

• Skill test (2 hrs) and examiner fees.

For training program and prices contact info@tae.gr