TAE’s Policy

TAE's Policy

TAE Aviation Academy quality policy is aimed to achieve the highest standards of operating safety by ensuring the highest possible standards of aircraft operation, maintenance as well as flight training, ground training using the available resources.

The TAE Aviation Academy management is committed that:

  • The flying, ground and synthetic training services meet the highest standards airworthiness and safety, following the requirements of the PART-FCL and HCAA standards.
  • It will dedicate the required financial, methods, material and human resources in order to safeguard the system.
  • This policy includes organizational goals and the need and expectations of customers while it is understood, implemented and maintained, at all levels the personnel following the directives:
  • To offer services with adequate intrinsic quality and safety and achieve full customer satisfaction.
  • To offer training that aggregate value to our students and being flexible fore front their necessities.
  • To focus the activities in preventive actions.
  • To assure quality as responsibility of everyone and of each one. To achieve “zero” defects / errors.
  • To improve the quality of life in work.
  • To reinforce the team work.
  • To follow continuous improving approach.

The vision of TAE Aviation Academy is to ensure growth and internal development through its effective and efficient operation achieved respectively through its high quality flying training services with tendency to zero defects and the highest safety and reliability standards.

The goal of TAE Aviation Academy is to totally satisfy both the Authorities’ and customers’ needs and expectations through the implementation of an effective quality system.

It is accepted that these procedures do not override the necessity of complying with any new or amended regulation published by the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority from time to time where these new or amended regulations are in conflict with these procedures.

On behalf of TAE Aviation Academy

G. Theocharis
C.E.O / Accountable Manager