The aim of this course:

The aim of the course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to operate a co-pilot on multi-pilot multi-engine aeroplane in commercial air transport and to obtain first the PPL(A) and after the CPL(A)/MEP/IR & MCC with ATP theory credit.

Theoretical and Flight Training:
Step 1

This Modular course starts with the PPL(A) theoretical knowledge which comprises of 9 subjects and includes 100 hrs ground school in classroom . The duration of Ground School is 30 days including the progress tests, sample exams and can commence at any time during the year.The course uses Trevor Thom’s training material and TAE Aviation Academy’s syllabus.
The PPL(A) flight training comprises a minimum of 45 hrs .After succesful completion of the course, the PPL qualified pilot starts his hour building to reach the 100 hours flight experience as Pilot in Command , and at the same time starts the ATP(A) Theoretical ground course.

Step 2

The ATP(A) Theoretical course starts after getting the PPL(A) license and comprises of 13 subjects , includes 650 hrs of classroom training based on Bristol GS approved inter-active video training, presentations, progress tests and sample exams.
The trainee Pilot has the choice to follow the Residential Course (R.C.) of 650 hrs full class or the Distance Learning (D.L. self-study). In the case of D.L. the student shall attend up to 65 hrs in the classroom with an instructor.

Step 3

This final part of flight training up to the CPL(A) skill test starts uppon completion the 100 hrs as PIC (as per step 1) The duration of flight Training is about 2 - 2.5 months and comprises of 81 hrs.

The ATP(A) MODULAR course includes the below:
  • 750 hours of ground theory instruction, progress & skill tests

  • 228 hours of flight instruction .

  • Uniform and pilot’s equipment (bag, CRP-5, logbook,maps/charts,etc)

  • All required training materials (Bristol GS).

  • First attempt at all 14 EASA ground theory exams

  • First attempt at ICAO Language Proficiency Test (LPT).

  • Airport landing fees & taxes

  • Free Internet access.

  • Transportation to and from the Airport