The aim of this course:

The aim of the course is to train pilots to the level of proficiency necessary to enable them to operate as co-pilot on multi-pilot multi-engine aeroplane in commercial air transport and to obtain the CPL(A)/IR and ATP theory license.The CPL/IR Modular is a course designed to train the holder of a Private Pilot License (PPL) up to the ATPL frozen and to obtain the CPL/IR/MEP with ATPL theory credit.

Theoretical Training:

The ATP(A) Modular Theoretical course comprises 13 subjects and includes presentations from Bristol GS,Oxford and Jeppesen training material, progress tests and sample exams. The training Pilot has the choice to follow the Residential Course (R.C.) of 650 hrs (PPL holders) full class or the Distance Learning (D.L. self-study). In the case of D.L. the student shall attend 65 hrs in the classroom with an instructor. The D.L. course may commence at any time during the year. In case of (R.C.) residential choice (8 months class) and due to our continuous ground school academic programme, the student can join the course at any time.The ATP(A) course can be provided to the PPL holder .

CPL/IR Flight Training & Duration:

The course is a training of 5 different courses, NIGHT RATING, SEP/IR, MEP, MEP/IR, CPL. The Flight Training course comprises of a total of 81 hrs, of those 28 hrs are performed on single engine (SEP), 13 hrs on multi engine (MEP) and 40 hrs on FNPT II F/S. The duration of flight Training is 2 months .